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Mitr (มิตร) n. in Thai means friend, ally, companion, associate, buddy. Remembering the golden rules of Never Freedive Alone and Always Freedive with a Buddy will help you are safe and much enjoyable in the water! It is the reason why we set this community up. Our aim is to build a movement of Freediving in Thailand where is one of the best destinations for freedivers to explore.

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Mitr is a community whose members has the same passion in Freediving. We commit to train our members well more than enough to be your freediving buddies. They have to achieve at least Level 2 CMAS.Moreover, our activities are zero-trash left at anywhere we go and we try our best to preserve the nature as much as we can, just to maintain its beauty to last forever.

Mitr is truly a Lifestyle that all freedivers are welcome to join in and share a deep passion in underwater world.

It simply means that whenever you wanna go freediving, never do it alone. Let us be your Mitr. :)


Rental Equipment

1. A School for Freediving

We offer freediving courses from very beginner to advance with one of the most oldest, reputable and global known training system as CMAS associated with ATUS (Association of Thailand Underwater Sports).

For Soon-to-be Freedivers

  • • Try Freediving (½ day in swimming pool): the only requirement is to be able to swim and snorkel on a short distance. You will learn how to proper breath and relaxation techniques, guiding you to try your first breath holds in a relaxed and comfortable way.
  • Basic Freediving (1 day in swimming pool and ½ day in the open water): a great first step for developing freediving skills. You learn basic freediving principles and focus on practicing breath-hold techniques in a pool. You will be more confident in the sea with maximum 5m depth.
  • CMAS 1-star Freediving (3 days): a foundation freediving course covering the necessary skills and knowledge to safely freedive and safety procedures.

    Day 1 Theory sessions - learn the basics of freediving: equipment, how to breathe before and after a dive, how our body is naturally designed to hold our breath and swim in the water, and how to assist or rescue a buddy in trouble. - practice your breathing techniques in the water, improve your fining style and get a first feeling of breath holding in static and dynamic apnea. Apply the safety procedures and rescue techniques covered in the theory session.

    Day 2 and 3 - in open sea - learn and apply the techniques to go deeper comfortably and safely. Discover different disciplines, going down along a line or using the fins only. Beyond the diving techniques you will learn how to supervise and rescue a buddy freediver which will allow you to train safely with another freediver after the conclusion of the course.

We create 1 more day in open water comparing to the other freediving school that allow you to get used to with the sea. By this course you should be able to perform at least a static 1.30 minutes apnea, dynamic apnea for at least 25m and dive 10m in open ocean.

For one who is already a Freediver

  • Fundive with Training Skill: For ones who have passed their test on level 1 and barely go freediving, Mitr will fulfill their goal by customizing their missing skills e.g. depth training, breathing training, no fins, equalization or advanced levels. Or anyone who has not passed the test yet, Mitr will assist you achieve your aim on depth training, static training, no fins or equalization.
  • Fundive with MITR Buddies: Just enjoy freediving with well-trained buddies/ safeties from Mitr.

2. Freediver-Mitr Accommodation

we have the best deal with our hotel partners to offer any freedivers affordable prices in a broad range of accommodation in Phuket, Phang-nga, Racha Island, PP Island, Krabi, Surin Island etc.

Freediver-Mitr Accommodation

3. Transportation:

local minitruck services within Phuket area and various options of outing day-trips e.g., Shore dive, Longtail Boat, Speed Boat, Catamaran, Diving Boat and Liveaboard.

4. Special Training

with the most reputable trainers in Thailand e.g., depth training, static training, no fins or equalization.

5. Rental Equipment:

they all are brand-new and well-maintained.


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Mitr Freediving Community

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